Dj has spent 40 years performing.

He is a seasoned professional, having toured all 48 continental United States multiple times as well as Mexico, Canada & Nova Scotia.

He was featured in the April 2007 edition of Guitar Player Magazine.

If you haven't had a chance to see Dj perform you are missing one of the very best guitarists in the Tri-State area performing Top 40 Country Rock

and Classic Rock.


Jimmy was born with drum sticks in his hands. He is a master showman and an incredible drummer.

There is NO ONE around who can fill the space like Jimmy does.

It's truly mind-boggling to

watch him play.  He has been a part of SOUTHERN SAVIOUR since the beginning along with Dj. 

Jimmy and Alan are the backbone of the big full sound of



Vito has been playing with SS since the fall of 2018.

He fills in for Jimmy when Jimmy.

Vito performs at least

3-4+ gigs per month with SS

and is the full-time drummer for GRUNGE, a 90's rock band that we

do also. Vito has played drums most of his life and is a seasoned player.

We could not do this show as much as we do without Vito. ‚Äč


Alan has been performing

for most of his life. 

Hes a true rock frontman.

He has one of the very best

blues/rock voices in the area.


Alan knows how to

bring it to the crowd

and its always a good show

when he is at the helm.


Dave has been performing

music in the Cininnati area

for years.

Hes a rock solid bass player

and fits right in the role

with the SS band.

 Dave is a great guy and

a truly experienced and

professional player.

He and Jimmy work together

as a team.